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Stephen and Mal go investigate the damage in their yard from the hurricane. There was a little bit of water in the kitchen, but outside there wasn't much damage besides sticks and branches. After a little bit of cleaning, they go get lunch at IHOP with Stephen's mom and dad. Afterward, they all go to Walmart to get more supplies to get readjusted to their home, since all their food has spoiled.

A little while later, Stephen reminds viewers that their neighborhood doesn't have curbside trash pickup; rather, they have to take everything to a recycling center. However, due to the hurricane, they closed two hours early, so they'll have to get rid of their garbage tomorrow. In addition, Stephen and Mal take the time to clean their office and reorganize everything. That way, they can get rid of things they don't use anymore, have better cable management, and have a cleaner space to work in.