The Unfinished Swan - "Contrast" Painting (Full Version)

The Unfinished Swan - "Contrast" Painting (Full Version)

The Unfinished Swan - "Contrast" (Full Version)
Date: August 11st, 2018
Running Time: 27:48

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"Contrast" Time Lapse


"Contrast" is the 56th video game painting by Mal on MalMakes.

This painting is inspired by The Unfinished Swan. She recently played through the game with Stephen for StephenPlays and really loved its concept, especially that of the beginning part of the game where you have to paint your surroundings to figure out where you are.

It is worth noting that she created this painting in a very different way from her previous paintings. In order to achieve a splatter effect like in the game, she had to cut out stencils of each part of her painting that she wanted to splatter with black paint.


  • Canvas: 18x24 Gessoed in white
  • Paint: Golden High Flow in Carbon Black
  • Favorite Brushes: Blick Studio, Liquitex Basic, Simply Simmons
  • Special tools/materials: Mark Ease (10"x15"), Mark Ease (20"x30"), Exacto knife, Self Healing Mat (12"x18"), Sanding sponge, Golden White Gesso, Golden Soft Gel (Gloss), Splatter brush, Green painter's tape
  • Specialty Items: Golden glazing liquid, palette knife, palette, T-square, Molotow marker


  • Posters and prints of this painting can be purchased here.
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