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Stephen is currently waiting in the car for Mallory who has an appointment at the ENT office. A few months ago, Mal had a little dermatofibroma removed from the skin between her eyes. This was a follow-up appointment to make sure it healed correctly and wasn't coming back. Stephen stayed in the car, so he could play around with some of the car settings in their new car.

When they first got the car, he briefly looked over the settings and they seemed overwhelming to him. But, after he took the time to go through all of them, he realized that there weren't as many settings as he thought there were. Stephen says that the settings made sense and were clearly labeled. Then, he talks about how they stayed up last night to record Super Smash Bros: Ultimate because they didn't know that Mal had an appointment early today. So, they weren't able to get a full night's rest.

After the appointment, they met up with Stephen's parents to get lunch at Eggs Up Grill. Then, they came back to his parents' house. Mal says that the doctor told her that the dermatofibroma didn't look like it was coming back. But, he wants to see her again in 6 months just to make sure it hasn't changed. The doctor also told Mal that he could make the scar from removing the dermatofibroma look better if she wanted to do that. But, Mal is reluctant because the healing process would require band-aids and she has both a latex and adhesive allergy. The doctor told her that she's doesn't have to decide now, she can just tell him at their next appointment.

Stephen is finally getting a haircut today. He has needed one for a while since his hair has been driving him crazy. Stephen also sets up the robot vacuum cleaner his parents received from [Emile]] and Masae on vlog Day 3708. They can't use it right away because it needs to charge for 4 hours before the first use. It also comes with a remote control. Stephen his curious about how well it will do and he's even more curious about how Rocko will react to it.

Back at home, Stephen says that they both spent the day working. They also took care of the shelf above the coffee bar which has been bothering them for a long time. The shelf was bending in the middle from the weight of all the mugs. So, they temporarily put all the mugs on the kitchen counter. A while back, they had bought an L-bracket to put in the center in order to support the shelf. They had to use wall anchors to attach the bracket to the wall, but the screws wouldn't go into the wall anchors. They tried using both a drill and a screwdriver, but neither worked. Stephen talks about how they have attached a lot of the things to the wall using wall anchors and they have never had an issue before today. They didn't know what to do, so they just decided to take the whole shelf down. There are now sizeable holes in the wall that will need to be filled in.

Stephen says that things got a little heated at the time this was happening. They weren't mad at each other, but at the circumstances. He says that this might be one of those rare occasions where he will have to rely on someone else to do it. Stephen is worried that if he tries to do it himself, he will mess it up a second time. He mentions that his parents have a friend that does handyman work, so he will probably do it for them at a reasonable price. Stephen says that there have been times when they've had trouble taking off the wall anchors, but never issues with putting them on. But, for now there is no shelf on the wall. They both agree that it's awful that all the mugs have to stay on the kitchen counter in the meantime. But, it's an incentive for them to get the shelf fixed faster. Stephen says that he still stands by the idea that the coffee bar was a good idea since they've gotten a lot of use out of it. After they put of the shelf, it was already starting to bend. But, they never did anything about it and just thought it wouldn't get worse.

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  • Dermatofibromas are small, noncancerous (benign) skin growths that can develop anywhere on the body but most often appear on the lower legs, upper arms or upper back.
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