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Stephen starts the vlog by having Kepler sit down in his lap. He had cooked eggs and toast for lunch. He says that he'll start working on the mini-doc for Fallout 4 today.

Later, Mal plays with Kepler. Stephen notes that Kepler doesn't play quite like other cats he's seen, since Kepler likes to lay down instead of running around and chasing. This might have stemmed from Sagan frequently pushing him away when they were kittens. Stephen forgets to film dinner, which was chicken, black beans, and corn in a taco, one of the frozen slow cooker meals. Stephen then talks about the painting that's been in the background for part of this video. He mentions that Mal had recently finished it. They've working on getting the video finished about said painting. Stephen then goes to his "work room," for lack of a better term, and then talks about the slow cooker meal they'll be having tomorrow: ranch pork. Stephen will try to remember to film the food tomorrow.

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