Thomas The Lonely iPhone

Thomas has an iPhone and wears sunglasses at night.

He is a watcher of the Vlog, lives in Columbia, and has met Stephen and Mallory on several occasions.

About ThomasEdit

Thomas was born like a million years ago. He was a very lonely iPhone, growing up in a time when there were very few app developers. He chose to fall into a deep Odin Sleep and awoke on February 1st, 1989, as a human boy. However, he lost all of his stats and abilities and lost much of his iPhone likeness.

The Early YearsEdit

Thomas spent much of his childhood developing his superhero strength. He would take nature hikes through wolf-infested territory and eat rocks to build muscle. Tragedy stuck when gamma radiation from a failed high school science fair project left him powerless and sad. He turned to books and ukuleles and his confidence was restored. This restoration would later be the push he would need to win the Bronze metal in the 2002 Amateur Winter Olympics for Men’s Skeleton. He retired after the games to study History and become a librarian. In July of 2011, Thomas moved to Columbia, SC, to follow his dreams.

The Life DebtEdit

In late September, 2011, after a meeting with former President James K. Polk, Thomas heard screams from a nearby alleyway. Reacting quickly, Thomas grabbed a discarded floor lamp and headed in toward the screams. A band of ruthless thugs were harassing a frightened and helpless Stephen Georg.

After defeating the thugs, Thomas gave Stephen the lamp to better protect himself in the rough and tumble streets of Columbia. Stephen pledged a life debt to Thomas for his heroics. However, Thomas could not accept, and instead would be featured as a character in Stephen’s show Vlog as a character every month or so. Thomas’s popularity grew quickly and in June 2012, shooting started for his spin off series “T-Shirts are People Too.” However the series was cancelled before the first day of shooting because it was a really bad idea.

Important FactsEdit

  • Thomas bites his nails and hates that he does.
  • He makes up elaborate stories that are entirely untrue and should never be taken seriously because he's so wacky.
  • He is just a guy that happened to move to Columbia around the same time as the title character and had watched the Vlog for a while.
  • Thomas keeps his home at a constant temperature of 83 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer and 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the Winter.
  • Thomas is color blind.
  • Thomas writes the vlogs.
    • Note: Thomas does not write the vlogs.
  • Thomas married Brittany on Day 2349.
  • Thomas is a competent actor, demonstrating his prowess in a Breakfast Stream during Cheffcon 2018 (Day 3320) with Chaz.
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