Thomas and Laika Still Life, watercolor (2019)

Thomas is a long time viewer turned friend of Stephen and Mallory that first appeared on the vlog on Day 669. He met the Georgs during the Columbia year, when he moved to attend graduate school in the same city. He needed friends and tricked them into being his friend. He currently lives in Florida.

Thomas is a regular on Stephen & Friends videos and is bad at video games. He notably created a mutation of Sonic the Hedgehog known as WhoChild. It is his original character and you are not allowed to steal it.

  • Thomas is color blind.
  • Thomas writes the vlogs.
    • Note: Thomas does not write the vlogs.
  • Thomas married Brittany on Day 2349.
  • Thomas is a competent actor, demonstrating his prowess in a Breakfast Stream during Cheffcon 2018 (Day 3320) with Chaz.
  • Thomas is very popular on Twitter, which can be viewed below:

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