Time Warner Rage (Day 960 - 7 11 12)

Time Warner Rage (Day 960 - 7 11 12)

Time Warner Rage (Day 960 - 7/11/12)
Date: July 11th, 2012
Running Time: 4:13

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  • Stephen's apartment
  • Which Wich


Stephen being on hold takes a turn for the worse when he is seemingly possessed by Satan. Then he explains that he was trying to get his service moved to his new home in Myrtle Beach, but Time Warner, which put him on hold, continually redirected and hung up on him. Stephen also talks about how he and Mallory ate at Which Wich and how Thomas came to his apartment because he and Mallory bought Thomas some cheese in Wisconsin. Then, Stephen and Mallory eat taco salad.


  • This is the first time that Stephen shows a past event with future commentary instead of the dialogue at that point in time.