Together Forever (Day 560 - 6 7 11)

Together Forever (Day 560 - 6 7 11)

Together Forever (Day 560 - 6/7/11)
Date: June 7th, 2011
Running Time: 4:51

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  • Outagamie County Regional Airport - Appleton, Wisconsin
  • Mallory's car
  • Humane Society Center
  • Market - Appleton, Wisconsin
  • Mark's House - Appleton, Wisconsin


Today begins a new era in Stephen's life: he and Mallory are finally together forever, and they won't ever have to say goodbye to each other! Let's celebrate with kitties, hot car trips, and ice cream with berries!


  • Stephen announces that Mal is moving to Myrtle Beach with him, and therefore they'll spend almost a week in Wisconsin, travel by car to Muncie, Indiana to stay with Chaz on Sunday, then travel down to Knoxville, Tennessee the following day before finally arriving in Myrtle Beach on Tuesday.
  • Stephen and Mal having ice cream with berries is a callback to Day 191 when they ate ice cream with berries while Mal was in Myrtle Beach last year.
  • The clip of one of the kitties, Miranda, drooling on Stephen's shoulder in slow-motion is shown twice, once between the clips of the Humane Society Center and Market, and once at the end of the video.


  • Stephen: "Hey, guess what we get to do now?
    • Mal: "What?"
    • Stephen: "Be together forever."
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