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It's Mal's and Dan's birthdays! Stephen, Mal, Chaz, and Jeff attend a birdwatching event at the ryokan and have a set breakfast. They take the bus, then the bullet train back to the Airbnb.

Chaz, Jeff, and Lindsey take a bullet train to Nagoya for Inuyama Matsuri, a traditional festival with tiered floats. They visit food stalls and try okonomiyaki, yakitori, and yakisoba.

Stephen and Mal join Dan, Alex, and Hayley in Akihabara. Hayley and Mal return to the Airbnb after a bit, while Dan, Stephen and Alex decide to eat at Denny's before going to a Sega Arcade. Stephen had wanted a meal a bit more "Western" after the ryokan and points out how vastly different the menu is. They visit the arcade, then head to Tokyo Dome City. Alex and Dan ride the Thunder Dolphin, a roller coaster that goes through the building. Dan remarks that it was "terrifying, but in a fun way." They stop at another arcade and get snacks at 7-Eleven on the way back to the Airbnb.

Chaz's group watches the floats at night, decorated with lots of lanterns. Back at the Airbnb, Stephen mentions that they will be visiting the festival of the "reproductive organ" tomorrow.

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