Turn Around (Day 47 - 1 10 10)-0

Turn Around (Day 47 - 1 10 10)-0

Turn Around (Day 47 - 1/10/10)
Date: January 10th, 2010
Running Time: 3:51

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  • Stephen's dorm in SCAD
  • Alex's car
  • Taco Bell
  • Unknown location (most likely SCAD property)


The video starts with Stephen in his room explaining that sometimes he, Dan, Taylor, and occasionally Nick play Grand Theft Auto 4 together online, despite being in the same room. He then goes to Dan's door asking to play Grand Theft Auto 4 together and does the same to Taylor. He also says it to Alex who is sitting on the couch, but Alex says he is playing Crackdown.

Next, is Stephen filming his screen while playing Grand Theft Auto 4. He is in a police car, and decides to only use forward and reverse controls, no turning using the analog stick. He convinces Dan and Taylor to enter the car. Taylor and Dan exit the vehicle, the car sets on fire, and Stephen's fun is over.

In Alex's car, Stephen is explaining that they were playing Grand Theft Auto 4 for about 4-5 hours, and that they are now on their way to pick up Nick and go to Taco Bell. The next scene is at Taco Bell, where there is a discussion about the food. Next, the guys are leaving from dropping off Nick. As they are driving off Stephen says there's only one thing left to do. When Alex the asks "What?" Stephen replies "Turn Around" (hence the title of the vlog) and Stephen, Dan, and Alex sing 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' humorously to the end of the video.

Notes Edit

  • The title of this vlog comes from the ending in which Stephen, Dan and Alex sing the start of 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' as they are driving away from Taco Bell.


  • A Conversation Cetween Dan and Stephen
    • Stephen: "Hey Dan, you wanna play Grand Theft Auto 4, together?!"
    • Dan: "Grand Theft Auto, 4?!"
    • Stephen: "It's so fun!"
    • Dan: "Together?!"
    • Stephen: "Together!"
    • Dan: "Sounds Great!"
    • Stephen: "Together!"
    • Dan: "Only $29.99 at Best Buy!"
    • Stephen: "Alright!"
  • Later... (while Stephen drives a police car in Grand Theft Auto 4)
    • Stephen: "I refuse to move the analog stick."