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Stephen and Austin eat somewhere, before going to play Magic: the Gathering at Player's Choice. After going to the event, Stephen talks about what happened with Austin. There were 6 players, 4 of whom tied for first, including Stephen and Austin. The winnings were just 2 packs of cards, but Stephen asked Roland if he could have a Wii game, to which Roland responded "yes, you can have a Wii game." So, Stephen got a game called "Pizza Delivery Boy," which he had never heard of previously.

Later that night, Stephen talks about the cards he used in his deck. He had more blues then any other color. He also had a pretty good amount of whites. He also apparently had 8 islands, 8 plains and also a Tranquil Cove, which provides both blue and white mana. Stephen says that overall, it was a lot of fun. Stephen hasn't played in a year, even forgetting that he had played last year. Stephen says it was exciting to be in "first place", but when you share "first place" with 3 other people, it kind of loses its meaning. In the first match, Stephen lost 1-2, but then won 2-0 twice afterward. If he had just won one more game at the start, he would've won the event.

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