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For the second week of The Lunch Bunch, Stephen and Mal head out to McAlister's with Dan, Roland, and Lindsey.

Stephen finished the Outlaws bonus video, and has uploaded it to YouTube already, but he spends some time going through all the asset files of the game to see if there were any unused assets in there.

It turns out that LucasArts had a few proprietary formats. The NWX file format is basically a collection of Bitmap images that comprise a single asset (like a character or a barrel). The multiple images are there to help display animations. The only program that can read NWX files is a 20-year-old program that only allows you to open a single NWX file at one time.

There are some interesting (and creepy) files in the game's assets, including:

  • Images of aliens and their spaceships
  • A spooky face named "DEFAULT2"
  • Another couple creepy faces that are listed as "alien" textures
  • A few signs that reference the game's developers, including Chris Clie and Daron Stinnett.

For many of the audio files (the taunts), there are four copies of the same file: one without effects, and three with different echo effects. This was apparently done to show depth and distance of other NPCs to your player, like being in a canyon or being inside a building.

Stephen also finds a collection of taunts from the final boss of the game. He wasn't able to hear the taunts in the game because he managed to kill the boss really quickly. Finally, there's a couple sound effects from a poodle that shows up in various parts of the game.

And that's it! With the official bonus video and this vlog showing off some of the hidden files of the game, Stephen has completely covered Outlaws in its entirety. It's been a fun project, and Stephen has learned way more about the game than he ever thought he would.