Hi it's me again. Having considered the results of the poll, I think that we should implement both options that people voted for.

  • Yearly lists of Memorable Moments to help keep track of what pages have and haven't been made (also so that the format for Memorable Moments doesn't have to change)
  • The main Memorable Moments page will become an info page with links to the yearly lists of Moments, so we can keep all the trivia on that page
  • Memorable Moments will also be sorted under Let's Play or other StephenPlays pages!

BUT we should also implement a way to keep track of which pages have been added on the main Memorable Moments page by name and date!

I might also make a post detailing how I go about sorting Memorable Moments by their Let's Play pages, if it feels necessary!

Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions or questions.