Hello, internet! I'm Aurycle, an admin over here on StephenWiki. The Memorable Moments page has been getting really really long, which is not surprising because Stephen releases about 200 memorable moments a year.

This problem was first brought up to me by Residujuan last year, who suggested making segmented lists of Memorable Moments and even started to do so. Unfortunately, soon after neither of us had time to continue managing the Memorable Moments page.

But I haven't stopped thinking about it and the use that the Memorable Moments pages gets and have come up with 3 viable ways of organising Memorable Moments. That being said, they are not without their flaws.

  1. Do Nothing - the Memorable Moments page will just keep getting longer and longer as the years go by. Not ideal, but understandable and will take the least amount of work. Doesn't address the problem of usage though: how many people actually click on the Memorable Moments page looking for Memorable Moments?
  2. Make segmented lists - divide the Memorable Moments by year and have separate pages for each year. Probably the most reasonable, but still doesn't address the problem of use. How many people actually come to the wiki looking for a Memorable Moments article?
  3. Change it to an info page and move MM article links to the Let's Play pages - this is the most ideal solution to me, but the most difficult to carry out. The format of Memorable Moments pages will definitely change, as the number of a Memorable Moment and the Previous/Next links will become redundant. Not to mention the fact that there are over a thousand Memorable Moments articles now. Also, it will be hard to keep track of what Memorable Moments have or haven't been added.That being said, having Memorable Moments for a game under the game's page makes the most sense and make Moments much more accessible and helpful to people.

I don't know who or how many people will see this post, but if anyone has an opinion, please vote using this poll. Also, if anyone has questions, suggestions or ideas, feel free to comment down below. Finally, thank you for taking the time to read this!

What to do with Memorable Moments?

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