For school we had to write essays on a role model and I selected Stephen Georg. Now seeing that we all admire Stephen Georg on this Wiki I decided to post it here. Enjoy...

Throughout the ages men and women have to looked to a greater being for guidance and wisdom, role models. The greeks looked up to their gods of Zeus and Hera, the egyptians to their gods and pharaoh, and the teenage girl to boy bands. Everyone in the world has or has had a role model that they look up to. Be it a parent, teacher, celebrity or, yes even an internet sensation. A role model helps to set examples, albeit not always good ones, for the people who look up to them. My role model, Stephen Georg is a video editor on Youtube who creates daily video logs and video game commentaries. He possesses many great role model qualities, such as being hard working, loving his family, and good people skills. These are all traits that Stephen Georg possesses.

    Stephen's most notable and obviously showing quality is his hard working attitude. To pay the bills Mr.Georg must work almost literally day and night to produce his video content. With his line of work he outputs close to ninety videos per month over the two channels he maintains. I admire his dedication to his job and career to spend almost everyday working. One notable example of all his dedication is that of his "Pokemon Leaf Green" walkthrough. During this walkthrough he dedicated hours and sleepless nights to the creation of the biographies made for each individual Pokemon. His hard has rubbed off as he has gained close to fifty-five thousand subscribers combined. Stephen works far ahead and puts in extra sleepless night when he knows that he is going to be gone to make sure that his subscribers have something to watch while he is away. He has even made it a point to work ahead in most of his work if possible as to free-up some time for him and his wife.

    Although he works extremely and immensely hard, Stephen still loves and stays connected with his loved ones. About once a week or so after Stephen has worked far ahead he takes Saturday night off to spend time with his wife, Mallory. Mallory and Stephen met over the internet and have been married a year and half. I admire how Stephen made the whole long distance and internet thing work. This shows his dedication to love and family, and I love that he works himself crazy for some meaningful time with his lovely wife. Mallory and Stephen also own cats, Kepler and Sagan. While Mallory is away at school for work as an art teacher, Stephen is left to look over the cats. Kepler and Sagan are beloved by Stephen as identified by his willingness to take them to the vet over ten times when they were young and sick. The love for his pets makes me want to always love and take care off my pets on the same level of quality as Stephen. Rocko was his other cat that he had before college that now lives with his parents. His parents live a mere five minutes away and Stephen and Mallory often eat over at his parents house and spend time together with them. It is a great feeling to know Stephen loves and thinks so highly of his parents and spends tremendous time with them even at the age of twenty-four. I hope to be in this kind of relationship with my parents to an extent at the age of twenty-four. His parents taught him that being nice and supportive is one of the great character traits of life.

    By having a close family, doing a video log, Stephen must possess create people skills. Stephen has openly stated that at the start of his video logs that he wasn't an openly social person. It is great to see his transformation to being the life of the party and getting along great with everyone. In public Stephen tries his best to be polite to everyone he meets. One notable example of his politeness derives from a recent video log. He stated that while he and Mallory were waiting to get their photos published there was a rude man in front of them. An argument was going on between the rude man and another patron. Instead deciding to go with one side or the other of the argument, Stephen and Mallory just nodded politely. This is a great trait that I strive to keep as I get older. He has also been very nice to most people he meets unless they are inhumanly rude. Being nice is a great quality that I hope to retain by following Stephen's example. Stephen is also a very honest man. Attempting to not lie to people, he give feedback usually not to harm a person, but to help them better whatever they do. He also does not lie in the way of obtaining material items. Honesty is a great value that I admire that Stephen has, that I hope to improve upon in his footsteps as I mature.

    All around, Stephen Georg is an excellent role model and human being. He may not be a greek god, pharaoh or even a teenage boy band, but he is so much more. Stephen Georg is hard working, a man that loves his family, and a great people person. He has always been a positive influence on me and nothing else since I began to watch him in November of two-thousand-eleven. Even with the ups and downs of life a Stephen Georg moment has been there to cheer me up and teach me a new lesson. In closing Stephen Georg is more than a human, he is a role model and a dang good one at that.