This is only a list, it's not a top 5 or anything, it's just 5 things I came up with on the way home from school.

1. Avoid walking behind someone else unless you're in a group, or they know you. It's creepy for them and for you because it feels like you're stalking them, especially if you walk faster then they do.

2. Avoid walking by joggers or runners. It makes you feel like they're looking down on you because you're not excercising completely. Exception: going up a hill.

3. Avoid walking slowly when crossing the street, especially if there's cars. You know they've got places to go and things to do, so just go quickly enough to let them through.

4. Avoid waking past dogs. They always bark at you and make you feel uncomfortable.

5. Avoid walking past the mailman. He might want to stop and see if he hasn't already delivered mail to your house, and if he did, you're just wasting his time.

Follow these tips, and you will have a better walking experience.