Hello there, Monarch of Madnezzzzzzz here with a Finals week update, it's the week that (almost) every Middle School, HIgh School, and College Student hate and/or fear. The strange thing is that I (Smart Freshman in High School with 5 classes per Trimester) am not feeling that this time, I feel confident. Now, before you say anything, this is just for my school district, yours may be different, like you don't go on a trimester layout or you already had it/ haven't had it yet.

Why am I not feeling panicked? I only have three (four if you think putting away materials counts as a final) finals. Honors Geometry B (4th Hour), Honors Physics (2nd Hour), and Business Computer Applications (1st hour) (Robotics (3rd hour) if you think putting away materials is a final).

BCA, I have a 99.4%, and all I have to do is make a PowerPoint on some topic of my choice (given it's not inappropriate).

Physics, I have a (this is where the majority of the smartness comes in) 101.9%, and I have a good idea of what I'm doing. About the grade, most of the tests had a lot of extra credit, so that's how I have such a high grade. Also, once I'm done with this one, I get ice cream. :D Another thing, I learned today that most people have made the same mistake without even realizing it. The unit Celcius is abbreviated c, not C. Very small mistake, very unknown to the general public.

(Robotics, I have the only B I've had in any of my classes this far, an 88.9%. All I have to do is to disassemble my robot, and sort the pieces into their own sections, haveing what is in a standard kit.)

Geometry, I have a 98.4%, and I completed the review with all answers right (after checking and correcting mistakes (only knew the answer, not how to get it), of course), so that's why I'm confident in this one.

Also, I took a typing test, I've increased my 33WPM to a 40ishWPM. This is Monarch of Madnezzzzzzz, signing out.