Hello everybody, Monarch of Madnezzzzzzz here, coming back to you with the Finals Week update for the 3rd trimester of my school year. (I get out on Friday. :D) I have finals in 4 of my classes, and here they are:

In my 1st hour, I have 9th grade US history, and we only got to the early 20th century, and in that class I have 94.6%.

2nd hour is Spanish 1 B, y en que clase, yo tengo 101,8%.

My 3rd hour is Honors English 9 B, and in that class I have 100.1%

Finally, 4th hour is Speech, and in there, I have the only B I've had this year, at an 88.1%, but my teacher hasn't actually graded one of our assignments, and I think that should get me above 90%, before taking the final.

I'll update you sometime next weekend, unless I'm too busy at State Cup (my brother's going, not me), which I'm probably going to update as well.

This is Monarch of Madnezzzzzzz, signing out.