Hello everybody, Monarch of Madnezzzzzzz here, coming to you with the finals week conslusion, and the events of the past weekend.


First hour

I recieved a 100% on my history final, giving me a 94.3% in the class.

Hora segunda

Yo recibo 100% en el final de español, con cinco puntas de crédito adicional, dando me un 102.2% en la clase.

Third hour

I recieved a 94% on the English final, giving me 99.9% in the class.

Fourth Hour

I recived a 91% on my Speech final, giving me a 96.3% in the class.

Memorial Day Weekend


After school, I went to my brother's first game at the Idaho State Cup, which wasn't far from where we lived (only about 40 minutes away), and his team beat FC Nova 1-0. We then prceeded to have dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, where they kept us from about 9 or 9;30 to 11. Didn't get home until Midnight.


I had pancakes and bacon for breakfast, and then went to hang out with one of my relatives, and got Super Mario 64 DS as a birthday present (my birthday is at the end of the week). We went to a Bar-b-que restaurant called Pitmaster's for lunch, who have great food (6-7 out of 7 on everything I've had there). Afterwards, we went to my brother's second game, and they beat Idaho Thunder 4-0. Then we went home.


We didn't really do anything until around noon, when we left for my brother's Semi-final, where they beat Idaho Rush 2-0. On the field right next to us, FC Nova and the Boise Nationals (BNSC Milan) were playing in the other semi-final, and FC Nova won, so we'd play them again in the final. Then we just went back home and hung out there for the rest of the day.

Monday- Memorial Day

Ww went out to the Field of Heroes, before leaving for the final, which was at 9 AM, so we had to leave around 8. Then, we had the final against FC Nova. In the first half, my brother's team scored one goal, about 3-4 minutes iin, but didn't score at all the rest of the half. We scored again in the second half to go up 2-0, but a few defensive mistakes late in the second half led to them tying the game at 2, and we'd go into overtime, which was in 2 10-minute periods. In the middle of the first half of overtime, we scored, which put us up 3-2. The rest of that overtime period ended without much other action. In the second half of overtime, the other team got quite a few chances, and at the very end, their goalkeeper came up to take a free kick, and we got the ball back, and just shot because the keeper was out of the goal, and, in the closing seconds, scored again, ending the game at 4-2. After the game, we went to the presentation of the awards, and then to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (again). Then we went to Swan Valley to get some Square Ice Cream, and then went back home.

This is Monarch of Madnezzzzzzz, hoping to be more active now that I'm out of school, and signing off.