Hello everybody, Monarch of Madnezzzzzzz here, coming to you with a soccer tournament entry. It's the first soceer tournament (for me, at least) in the spring season. My team is the PVSC U15 United Select.

In my 1st game, we lost 3-0 in what probably could've been the hardest game of our season, against PVSC Crew, who is pretty much our rival.

We lost our 2nd game 3-0 to Xtreme from Idaho Falls, although we outscored the other team 2-1. (If you don't understand, 2 of their goals were from own goals.)

In our 3rd game, against Arsenal Select, from Helena, we won 0-0, because we went into penalty kicks and won 4-3 in those, with me being the first to take a PK for my team.

In our last game, which was our 3rd against Ballistic, (Our previous results were 3-0 for us, and 0-0.) We won 3-0, and I scored 2 of the goals, one was from a great pass from one of my teammates, and the other was just from going after the ball, because they had a bad goal kick, I shot, the keeper blocked it, and I got the rebound and shot it again. We ended up getting 3rd in our group.

My brother's team won all of his games, and won the Championship game 3-2 in overtime. The only reason it actually went into overtime is because of a bad call by the referee, which gave them a PK with my brother's team leading 1-0, tying the game at 1. I was unable to watch his 1st game, because I had one of my own at the same time, but I heard that the other team was horrible, and that's all I have to say about that.

This is Monarch of Madnezzzzzzz, signing out.