Hello everybody, Monarch of Madnezzzzzzz here, coming to you with a blog post partly on the NBA playoffs, and partly on my soccer game last night. The game in the playoffs I'm going to be talking about is slightly in common with the game I played last night, so here it goes.

Game 1 of the Eastern Confrence Semifinals, Bulls vs Heat, Bulls win, why? Because they played harder. Not because the Heat had lost momentum, which is a bad excuse, having rest should help more than it hurts, because the Bulls played harder than the Heat in that game. Which brings us to last night.

My team had what was our 2nd hardest game of the season, against the best team we would be playing against. (We'd already played them earlier in the season, and they had more people show up the first time.) We were down 1-0 at the end of the 1st half, and quickly scored in the second half to tie the game at 1. Shortly after that, the same person scored again, this time with his opposite foot. Neither team scored for quite a while, and both teams had a few chances. Mid-late second half, they changed their goalkeeper, and not too long after scored again, tying the game at 2. But neither team was done. We took a few minutes after that to score again and go up 3-2. We held them off for 5-10 minutes, and they were on a breakaway and looked as if they were going to score, but one of our defenders intentionally fouled him, resulting in a red card. (That's what happens when you intentionally foul on a goal scoring opportunity.) His efforts were fruitless, because it rewarded them with a penalty kick, which ended up tying the game at 3. On the resulting kickoff, we tried to score, but it didn't go far enough, and the game ended a few minutes later, ending with a 3-3 tie.

Why am I comparing these two games? Simply because they both had the team who most thought would lose played harder, and it ended without them losing. Moral: Don't underestimate the power of an underdog.

2 more things which have nothing to do with sports whatsoever, first,  EARTHBOUND! It's being released for the Wii U virtual console, and is the only thing which would cause me to buy one. And if I will, then I need to start saving money. Second, Day 1251, if you're one of the people who was arguing about the topic Stephen was trying to avoid, I'm including a reminder with this post.

Be Nice (Day 1189 - 2 25 13)

Be Nice (Day 1189 - 2 25 13)