Hey guys!

Phillip here with I guess an update blog, something I probably have never done, but it does relate to what I am going to be talking about on this blog in terms of the Vlog pages I have created.

You may have noticed that I re-edited the summary for Day 352 of the Vlog, which was one of the first Vlog pages I made on the wiki, and shortened it to about 2-5 sentences. There is an explanation for this. When I first started creating Vlog pages on the wiki about 2 years ago, I used to do the summaries by retelling everything that happened on that vlog day, including every single topic that Stephen mentions, as well as other random facts, and topics to discuss get the idea.

I learned, however, after creating the page for Day 705, that summaries shouldn't be re-tellings of Vlogs in text format. So over time, I made shorter summaries of Vlog pages that I create by summarizing the day in as few sentences as possible. Now, I do summaries for Vlog pages by describing the day in no more than 5 sentences (I keep a limit as to how many sentences I can create for a summary of a Vlog page, and use humor to enhance those summaries.), though I look back at old Vlog pages I have created to see the differences between how I used to do Vlog pages back in May 2012, and how I do Vlog pages now.

I ultimately decided that I needed to re-summarize some of these pages that I've created. So here's my plan for the next few days: I'll look back at Vlog pages that I have created since I joined the wiki 2012 and analyze the summaries to see if they need to be re-summarized. If I find that the summary contains too much information than intended, I'll re-summarize and shorten it to about 2-5 sentences. I'll compare the old summary to the new one and look for any errors before I'm completely satisfied with it. And no, this won't apply to all of the Vlog pages I've created since joining the wiki, otherwise I'd get a serious headache. :(

Anyway, that's pretty much my plan for the next few days. I'm just doing this mainly because there were a few pages that I created that I know I need to re-summarize because they're too long and it's been something that's been put-off for a long time until now.

So, that's about it. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, let me know down below in the comments, and I'll hopefully try to get back to you ASAP. Thanks for taking the time to read this, sorry it it's incredibly long (I tried to make this as short as possible), and I'll see you all on the Wiki! ;)