How's it going everyone! I am Phillip Ho, once a common contributor to StephenWiki, and HOLY PISS it's been such a long time since I last updated anything here.

So long story short for those who don't know: Last year, my Windows 7 Laptop capped out on me & as a result I wasn't able to do anything, including editing my own LP videos, or work on some of StephenWiki which I haven't been to in a long time due to school and family life.

I would often visit StephenWiki during days when I'm in New Jersey for vacation, and sometimes work on the Wiki for a while. And I've done that for a year, though I rarely ever visit this site anymore these days.

Ultimately, I got myself a new Windows 8 laptop which I'm already in love with, and I want to try something new, with my junior year of high school coming up in less than a month. I want to try helping out on the wiki once more and try to be more active, especially create wiki pages that haven't been created yet, or edit pages already made and update them as they happen, which by the way, it's amazing that few people are helping out create new pages, and the fact that we're almost over 1800 wiki pages is just mind blowing, and to that I say thank you.

I'll probably begin working on some wiki pages tonight, so expect a lot from me then.

Until then, I have been Phillip Ho, let's player, and wiki contributor, and I'll see you all soon! :D