Hey guys!

Alright, so summer vacation is almost ending very soon, but it is also the end of my consecutive days I am active for the Wiki. I'll try to be on still actively through my iPhone, but I have no idea on how to edit or create a page on a mobile device, and it can be a bit complicated, but I'll see if I can edit a page on my iPhone.

That aside, I won't be active for much long after today. School is coming up, so I have to get myself ready for that, and I have a bunch of other personal issues to take care of. Also, my birthday is coming up soon (September 2nd, which is also Day 4 of PAX Prime 2013), so I want to have time for that. (I appreciate all "Happy Birthday" messages in advance!)

If you guys have any tips on how to edit wiki pages on a mobile device, feel free to leave me a message on my talk page.

Anyway, with that said, that is it for this blog update. Any comments or questions can be left down below, and until next time, I will catch you guys later!