FANDOM at school, we had a severe thunderstorm, with lightning, and thunder...and rain.

It was so severe, in fact, that lightning actually struck a tree by my school's lower gym! Seriously! I was worried that it might actually fall and crash into the lower gym or something!

I was really freaked out by that. I think everyone else at my school got freaked out by that.

I believe this happened towards the end of the school day when I was in Spanish class...Almost all of my classmates freaked out when they heard the thunder. It was really bad...

But anyways, the thunderstorm is gone for now, but how much do you want to bet that we're going to have another one tomorrow?

Also, this is something you can discuss, but has there been a time where you had a thunderstorm so bad, you had to go under a severe weather drill, whether it's at home or at school? From what I learned in science, thunderstorms can actually cause tornadoes! Luckily, the tornado didn't happen today! But still, I get scared easily from thunderstorms as a kid.

This one was really bad...Luckily no one got hurt....but everyone almost got wet from the rain.

So that's about it I guess! Hopefully we don't have another severe thunderstorm like today tomorrow!