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Hello, and welcome to the Wiki, Punkazn! I'll try to explain each step of creating a Vlog page, but it will take a lot of space. First you need to click the red link of the Vlog day you want to create, and then once you're at its blank page, switch over to "Source" mode since that's where all the editing needs to be done.

To the right side, under the "Add features and media" tab, click Video and then copy and paste the URL of the Vlog day that you're creating. Once you add that, then you should enter the caption under the "Video Display Options". The first part of the caption should be the name of the Vlog Day that you're editing, including the (Day XXX), then you use <br/> to separate the next part of the caption, then enter Date: Month Day(th)(st)(rd), Year, use <br/> again, and then put Running Time: *Whatever the running time of the video is on YouTube, which is usually an extra second long.*

For example, Happy Mother's Day To Me! (Day 1265 - 5/12/13) would have the caption: Happy Mother's Day To Me! (Day 1265 - 5/12/13)<br/>Date: May 12th, 2013<br/>Running Time: 7:14 Once you enter the caption, you can click "Add a video" which is going to be in the bottom right of the pop-up for adding a video. Then you have to add the previous and next Vlog days which you link to by surrounding the name of the page with two brackets, and you separate the Vlog days with a straight line which is usually under your backspace button, press shift + click to use it. So for Happy Mother's Day To Me! (Day 1265 - 5/12/13), the next thing to enter after uploading the video would be [[Mail is Changing (Day 1264 - 5/11/13)|Previous Vlog (Day 1264)]] | [["Placeholder Text"|Next Vlog (Day 1266)]] (If we're at the latest Vlog, you can use placeholder text in place of the name of the next Vlog until it comes out, which is the case for Happy Mother's Day To Me!) The | is used to separate the two parts of a link, the first part being for what you're linking to and the second part being for what the link will be called and what people will see it as on the page when it's done. Then the Vlog information is separated into a few sections, in the following order: ==People== (You make a section by putting two equal signs on both sides of it), ==Locations==, ==Summary==, ==Notes== if there is anything to mention like a reference someone in the Vlog day made to something or the Vlog day's relationship to something else, if there is nothing you can leave it out, and ==Quotes== if there are any quotes you'd like to put down as your favorites, otherwise you can leave it out. You put everyone in order of their appearance in the Vlog under people, and you do the same for locations.

The format for the quotes is: The Person's Name: "The quote." *Another Person responding to that: "The quote." The original person: "The quote." **A new person: "The quote." And so on. If it's all one conversation you designate people by bullets, with the first person having none, the second person with one and so on. For a new quote you just have a line between it and the quote before it, and you start over with the bullet designation.

Stephen is listed as [[Stephen Georg]], so keep that in mind when you're linking to him in the People section. You need to link to people under the People section, but you don't have to link to locations because we haven't created pages for them yet. Maybe one day. You can also put Stephen's name as [[Stephen Georg|Stephen]] so it appears as Stephen on the finished page. Everyone else like Mallory and Stephen's friends and family use their first names only. Once you're done with everything, you should put the category of the video off to the right side, under the "Categories" tab. For Vlogs, the categories are by the location the Vlog is set in, so a Vlog would be either under the category of Savannah Vlogs, Myrtle Beach Vlogs, Columbia Vlogs, or Traveling Vlogs. There are separate achievements for making a certain number of edits on every category of Vlog Day.

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Happy Mother's Day To Me!Edit

I just wanted to let you know that your format for the page was perfect except for the fact that you left out the category, which is "Myrtle Beach Vlogs".

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