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While the cats sleep soundly in his chair, Stephen takes the time to give some updates on how things have been going.

They've been preparing a lot of content for the next few weeks because they will be away at Southwest Game Exchange next week, and then Dan will be away for a bit. They've done well and most of it is done.

Also, Mallory finished her painting inspired by The Unfinished Swan and its videos were released on MalMakes with this vlog. Stephen urges his viewers to watch the time-lapse because her process for this painting was very different.

He also clarifies that they will still be releasing content during their Sunday day off. He just won't be working on Sunday.

In other news, the next Fallout 4 episode is not ready. It's a huge undertaking and he hasn't had time to work on it. On the upside, they'll soon finish preparing their other videos so he can focus on Fallout.

That being said, he won't be able to get Fallout done by this Sunday. Hopefully he'll get it out next Sunday.