Very Full Good Day (Day 22 - 12 16 09)

Very Full Good Day (Day 22 - 12 16 09)

Very Full Good Day (Day 22 - 12/16/09)
Date: December 16th, 2009
Running Time: 5:55

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  • Stephen's house
  • Parking Lot
  • Sonic
  • Stephen's car
  • Carolina Plastics


Stephen starts the day with a surprise call from his friend Seth five minutes after he wakes up. He decides to take him along to a meal at Conway with his high school Spanish teacher and a few of her former students.

Afterwards, Stephen stops by Justin's work to deliver his edited copy of The Nutcracker play he had recorded. He then stopped by Sonic, where he talked about how not tipping the workers who deliver his food leaves him overwhelming guilt, but he luckily doesn't tip the worker and leaves anyway.

Stephen stops at a Wal-Mart to find a Christmas gift, where Seth pick up a copy of The Hangover on DVD. Stephen helps a friend repair his computer, and then goes off to film the Ninten Christmas special. He watched The Hangover with Seth, Chris, Corey, and John. Stephen spent the rest of the day editing and ended the day by finding out that the copy of the Nutcracker he delivered was still slightly broken.


  • Stephen "Alright, I just got here and it looks like it is time to fix a computer."
  • Stephen "We watched a movie and then now we're done."