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Stephen opens the vlogs saying that he, Mallory, and Stephen's mom and dad are evacuating. Stephen reveals that Hurricane Florence will hit north of them, but then move south and hit Myrtle Beach. They've done their best to hurricane-proof their houses, but for the sake of staying safe, they will evacuate. Emile has very graciously opened his house to the four of them and all three cats.

The road wasn't very busy, since they waited so long to evacuate. However, no restaurants were really open, so it took them a long time to be able to get something to eat. Eventually, the found a gas station with a Wendy's drive-thru, so they were able to eat before reaching Emile's. This long time travelling was super nerve-wracking for the cats, since they've never been in the car this long.

Eventually, they reached Emile's house, and Stephen says he'll end the vlog then, since they're super tired from such a long drive.

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