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Stephen and Mal are over at his parents' house for dinner to have some shrimp tacos specially made by his mom. He also makes sure to have some sherbet for dessert.

Back home, Stephen shares that Sagan and Kepler have been swatting the loading icon on the TV, which is not good as they might break something.

Anyway, Stephen has been busy preparing content for StephenPlays while he and Mal are at the Southeast Game Exchange. He's pretty much done except for a few recordings, which is great.

Meanwhile, Mallory has been preparing materials for the painting workshop she will be holding at the convention, including a color wheel (which kinda looks like a star of David).


  • Mama Georg's Fish Taco recipe (makes 6 tacos with 4 shrimp in each one):
    • Ingredients:
      • 1 box Margaritaville Sailor's Sweet & Spicy Shrimp
      • 1 bag Sweet Kale vegetable salad kit
      • 6 soft taco shells (probably 8" ones)
      • Queso quesedilla shredded cheese
    • Steps
      • Put a little olive oil on the taco shells and toast them in a skillet with some cheese. Fold them over.
      • After the cheese has melted a bit, open up the taco shells and put the shrimp and vegetables in the taco.
      • That's it!