We Graduated! (Day 557 - 6 4 11)

We Graduated! (Day 557 - 6 4 11)

We Graduated! (Day 557 - 6/4/11)
Date: June 4th, 2011
Running Time: 4:02

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  • Stephen's Dorm - SCAD
  • Trustees Theater - SCAD


It's graduation day, and everyone is graduating from SCAD (Nick doesn't graduate until next year!) today! Let's celebrate with a commencement address from Academy Award-winning actress, producer, and bestselling author Whoopi Goldberg, followed by Stephen & company receiving their degrees, and the tradition of tossing caps in the air!


  • Whoopi Goldberg's commencement address to the graduating class of 2011 is available on SCAD's official YouTube channel, which can be found here.
  • Of the group, Alex earned an achievement for Interactive Design and Game Development.
  • The thumbnail used for this video shows a photo of Stephen, Alex, Taylor, and Dan, who are now graduates, and Nick, who didn't graduate until next year.
  • Debra and Steve were present among those who came to see Stephen & company get their degrees. In fact, it was more-likely Debra who was holding the Flip during that time. This also happens when Stephen, Alex, Taylor, and Dan tossed their caps in the air after the graduation.