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Stephen and Mallory use their new vacuum cleaner for the first time! They need to clean the washer/dryer room, because a repairman will be coming to take a look at their new washer since it's had some issues.

Some time later, the repairman has come to look at their washing machine and basically said that it was broken. It's not so bad because their washer is still under warranty, so it will get fixed for free. But Stephen and Mal can't use their washer in the mean time when they just wanna wash some towels.

In other news, their new vacuum is pretty good and doesn't smell like fire like their old one did. Also, it's just a lot nicer than their old one, doesn't need bags and it's green.

Stephen then updates the vlog on the cats and their fancy water dish. Since they were scared of the dish initially, they had to take the dish apart and slowly introduce new components to it until the whole thing was complete again.


  • Stephen mentions in this vlog that his dad vacuums Stephen's parents' house every day.
  • Stephen and Mal get their washer fixed about a week later.