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This week on The Lunch Bunch, Stephen, Mal, Lindsey, Michael and Roland have a steak hibachi lunch at E Noodles. Michael manages to somehow die on camera.

Back at the house, Stephen shares that they choose restaurants to go to for The Lunch Bunch by making a poll of 3 places and voting on them in their group chat. That being said, Stephen usually has to pick out the initial three restaurants because no one has any opinions on what they want to eat, even if he asks.

Anyway, Stephen finally had time today to work on the Old Timeline again, which means that he can release another vlog along with this current one tomorrow. He's also been printing out the N64 game case covers.

In other news, Mallory's doing something different for her next painting, which requires her to use a flat surface.


  • This vlog is the first instance of Stephen forgetting to put in the Lunch Bunch intro.