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Why'd The Pilot Have To Make The Plane Go So Fast? (Day 28 - 12 22 09)-0

Why'd The Pilot Have To Make The Plane Go So Fast? (Day 28 - 12 22 09)-0

Why'd The Pilot Have To Make The Plane Go So Fast? (Day 28)
Date: December 22th, 2009
Running Time: 6:18

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • Stephen's House
  • Stephen's Car
  • Airport

Summary Edit

Stephen starts out in his car is on his way to pick up Mallory; excitement is completely visable on his face. The most exciting thing is he gets to see Mallory, so he starts his hour long drive to the airport.

After telling us this he talks about his hunger for lunchtime (which may mean he's cured of his slight retardation mentioned on Day 11 and Day 16), stating that his breakfast was not satisfying. He states sadly that he'd have to wait with just him and his iPod with 80gb of music on it.

On the way while he was in Aynor, SC, " for the most redneck towns on the face of the Earth," a bluegrass version Old Salty Dog came on his iPod, deemed fitting and awesome to him.

Later, Stephen tells us that Mallory has arrived at the 10 minutes airport before he would, which disappoints him because he likes to hide and wait for her, making him ask why the plane got there so fast (hence the title of today's vlog).

He drives around the airport trying to find her, telling us that she is waiting for him outside the airport. At one point he mistakes a black women for her, joking about how maybe Mallory went reverse Michael Jackson. After some difficulty, they finally find each other very happy to see each other.

After the reunition, the two stopped at Burger King. While there, Stephen complained about how he couldn't call Burger King Cheeseburgers "Double Chee," a refference to Day 16.

One hour later, Stephen powers on the flip while they drop Mallory's stuff off at the house, startling her (she is not used to the Flip yet). Then Stephen tells us at a later time in his car that they are going to Blockbuster to get L4D2 for the Xbox 360 and that they will catch dinner at Applebee's. Stephen says they will also go to Walmart to get Magic: the Gathering cards, which Mallory says no to, causing Stephen's immediate laughter.

After going to a Blockbuster that did not have L4D2 for the Xbox 360, they make a trek to a second Blockbuster in "Ghettoville" to rent L4D2, which has it in stock. Stephen tells us this while showing us the game proudly.

The video cuts to Mallory telling us how Stephen went to Wal-Mart, buying card sleeves for Magic: the Gathering.

They head over to Firehouse Subs instead of Applebee's for convenience and the idea that it's "better" according to Mallory. After recommendations for what to order at Firehouse Subs, the two head home and play L4D2 the rest of the night Stephen says that something more interesting will happen tomorrow... probably.

Notes Edit

  • This vlog marks the 4th week of the vlog.
  • The title of the vlog comes from the fact that Stephen was wondering why the pilot had to make the plane go so fast.
  • First time Mallory appears on the vlog.
  • "Double Chee" is a reference to Day 16. It's what Stephen calls McDonald's Double Cheeseburgers.
  • Mallory is not used to StephenVlog, which is why she acts uncomfortable around the Flip Ultra HD.

Quotes Edit

  • "I GET TO SEE MY GIRLFRIEND IN TEN MINUTES! Not ten months, not ten weeks, not ten days, not ten hours, ten minutes." ~Stephen
  • "Crap! (x5) I'm gonna circle around. I pulled up and she wasn't up there so now I have to go... ah, doggone it! I thought that was her, but it was actually a black woman. Maybe she went, like, reverse Michael Jackson and she became black." ~Stephen