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Bean Boozled Challenge! (w/ Chugga, Masae, & MalMakes)

Mallory scans some of Emile's Animal Crossing cards for her town in New Leaf, so that Mal can make an entire village of cats.

Stephen, Mal, Emile and Masae have lunch at O'Charley's to get some really good chicken tenders and sandwiches.

After that, they have the annual gift exchange! Stephen and Mallory give Emile and Masae tea, tea infusers and drinking vessels, as well as Watch Ya' Mouth. Masae gives the two of them figures of Ness and Paula and dice holders in the shape of a huge 20-sided die.

Emile is generous as always and gives them a copy of Super Mario Maker (3DS), as well as not one, but two Nintendo Switches! He also gives them The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) and amiibos to get extra content in the game.

As a final gift, Stephen gives Emile new designs of his Mother 1, Mother 2 and Mother 3 logos to match his Earthbound shrine, since Emile has Let's Played all three games.

They end off their day by playing some Switch games and Jackbox games together, before doing the Bean Boozled challenge.


  • "We're YouTubers, we only got time for Christmas in January!" - Emile
  • "This thing is so big it's dangerous. You- you could mug someone with this." - Emile (after receiving a Nintendo mug)
  • "This guy right here (pointing to Stephen), this guy's such a donut." - Emile