Wilmington (Day 21 - 12 15 09)

Wilmington (Day 21 - 12 15 09)

Wilmington (Day 21 - 12/15/09)
Date: December 15th, 2009
Running Time: 4:14

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  • Stephen's House
  • Stephen's parent's Car
  • Independence Mall
  • Parking lot


Stephen starts off by explaining that he and his parents are going to Wilmington to go shopping. He explains that Wilmington (hence the title of the vlog) is in North Carolina and that he lives in South Carolina, but is only an hour away because he lives near the border of North and South Carolina. Next Stephen is in his parents' car mentioning that they are now in Wilmington. He also points out that it is December 15th and 71° Fahrenheit outside.

Stephen films himself as he is going to enter Independence Mall explaining that it is the main thing he and his parents do in Wilmington. Next Stephen is filming his mother as she is looking at a ring. Later Stephen is at the food court and explains that they were shopping for about two and a half hours before stopping for some Chick-fil-A. Stephen and his parents got waffle fries and Stephen explains that he loves ranch, and thinks it makes everything taste ten times better.

When shopping again Stephen says that he saw a man who looks like Elvis, if he hadn't died and had aged (in other words, he thinks the man he saw would be what Elvis would look like today if he didn't die). Stephen wants to get a shot of the man, so he films his dad standing by the entrance of the store as the "Elvis" walks out of the store, and continues to film the man as he walks away. Stephen is then filming himself as he is done shopping, but can not say what he got, because it would ruin the surprise for friends he might have bought gifts for that watc the vlogs.

Stephen is in a parking lot and mentions that he is going to Cici's Pizza for dinner. Stephen also films back in the car that after eating he went to Wal-Mart and Target, but did not actually get anything. He also mentions that he and his parents are tired and on their way home. Lastly, he mentions that tomorrow he is meeting his High School Spanish teacher and the senior class for lunch.


  • This day marks the 3rd week of the vlog.
  • This is the first time Stephen mentions his love of ranch.
  • The title of this vlog comes from Stephen saying that they are traveling to Wilmington, North Carolina.


  • Stephen "That's beautiful, it really is. I think you should treat yourself."
    • Debra "Yeah, and I could always use it for a weapon."
  • Stephen "Goodbye Elvis."