Winnipeg's Only Export Is Fictional Bears (Day 155 - 4 28 10)

Winnipeg's Only Export Is Fictional Bears (Day 155 - 4 28 10)

Winnipeg's Only Export Is Fictional Bears (Day 155)
Date: April 28th, 2010
Running Time: 10:32

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  • Stephen's Dorm at SCAD


The vlog begins with Stephen explaining that he received a package containing media for producing a weekly 10 minute show for an online company. He goes on to explain that he had been contacted a few weeks prior by the company after they had seen his résumé from SCAD and had used the vlog as an example of his work and how quickly he can produce videos.

The video cuts to Dan holding the camera upside down, mocking how Alex acts while filming for the vlog. He then pans from Stephen to Alex, who is making sounds with the microwave, after which Stephen asks him if he's "...playing a song?".

Stephen begins discussing the letters he received that day, the first being from Nicholas (and John) from Winnipeg (leading Dan to ask "Isn't Winnipeg... Canada?" to Stephen and Alex's amusement) and the other from Kayla from New Jersey, which he opts to read first, as New Jersey is closer. In passing Stephen mentions that he knew he would be receiving the letter as she had posted she would be on the Facebook fan page. He then reads through the letter, pausing to comment on various things, such as an electric-type Pidgey Pokémon card. Stephen and Dan then look at and comment on her drawings and Stephen looks through the old Magic cards that were sent with the letter and questions where to put the signed Pidgey.

They then proceed to open the other letter, removing the contents including a letter, a Werther's Original candy, Magic cards and Dilbert magnets. They then read through this letter as well, with Stephen commenting on the fact that it's written in cursive and that he doesn't remember how to write in cursive. After reading the letter, they look at the drawings, discuss Winnie the Pooh, the bear from Winnipeg (with Alex explaining that it was, in fact, a real bear) and Stephen looks through the cards. Stephen then thanks all three of them for sending in the letters and cards.

The vlog finishes with Alex mocking Stephen's reactions to receiving cards that were either already in the frame, or weren't the sort of lands he was putting in the frame, as well as pointing out the YouTube length limits due to how long the video had already been.


  • Winnipeg is in the province of Manitoba which is in Canada, so Dan was right about Winnipeg being in Canada.