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Mal is flying out to Wisconsin tomorrow. A few months ago, Mal's father, Mark, had open-heart surgery to replace a valve. So Mal went up to Wisconsin in March to be with him before and after the surgery. Now, Mal is going to go spend time with him for about a week, since the last time she saw him in person was in the ICU right after his surgery. Thankfully, he's been recovering well and has finished all of his physical therapy.

That's why Stephen and Mal have been working really hard the past few days: to gear up for this trip out of town. The plan is to have Mal send a few clips to Stephen over the internet every day to be included in the daily vlogs.

In other news, Dan and Lindsey are moving house! Over the past few months, Lindsey has been building a house to buy and live in. Next week, she and Dan will be moving to that house!