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You Fight a Vagina! (Day 1495 - 12 28 13)

You Fight a Vagina! (Day 1495 - 12 28 13)

You Fight a Vagina! (Day 1495 - 12/28/13)
Date: December 28th, 2013
Running Time: 8:58



  • De Pere, WI
    • Game Trade
  • Green Bay, WI
    • Kroll's
    • Lambeau Field
  • Appleton, WI
    • Steph and Steve's house
    • Dawn's house


The vlog begins with a montage at Game Trade, a video game store in De Pere, Wisconsin. They pick up a whole bunch of games, inlcuding Dark Cloud 2 (which Mal and Steph played in college as roommates) and D2 (in which one of the bosses is a vagina). They have lunch at Kroll's, drive by Lambeau Field, then head to Steph and Steve's house. Steve tries a "Magical Princess Explosion" soda from Mitsuwa. They play Sequence over at Dawn's house, then head off to bed.


  • Steve: "Konnichiwa! *J-pop loop plays* Wow! It tastes like princess!"
    • Stephen: "Now you know what it tastes like to have a princess explode in your mouth."
    • Steph: "Is it like princess tears?"
    • Steve: "No, it's like ground-up princess."